Week One


The process this week is focused mainly on “defining”. The assignments we are working on this week are outlined as follows.

Assignment 00 – Create a visual presentation of your topic, research, and progress thus far. Present in PDF format on-screen, using only 5 slides: 1 Objective: Your name, Project Title, Assignment 01 paragraph 2 Content: Research insights, citations, content sources. 3 Constraints: What limits have you given yourself to frame the project? 4 Studies: Sketches, process images, process thus far. 5 Schedule: Where you are now, where to next, where are you headed, how will you get there?

Assignment 01 – Define your project through the logical construction of language statements. Specific and clear definition of the project puts parameters on the exploratory, iterative work of producing it. Define the rules, so you can play the game.

  1. What did I do?

    I re-visited user research and benchmarking in an attempt to finalize my information architecture. Most of my time this week was spent on finalizing my gantt chart and making the initial presentation. After I presented / got feedback I had a lot to think about it terms of specifics. This made me feel like I should consider narrowing my audience and work on the development / research deck a little more.

  2. What did I learn by doing this?

    Verbalizing my new project idea in from of a group really helped me feel more solid in terms of what I was bringing to the table. However, I do feel like it doesn’t hit all of the “passion points” I wish it did. I feel as though my project was formed as an idea and then the research followed… instead of researching something I am passionate about and letting that inform the project idea. How can I use my research to evolve the project into something I am more excited to work on.

  3. What am I doing next?

    Exploring narrowing my audience– potentially to women– and seeing what is already out there in terms of women’s organizations. Sketching!!! I think it’s important to start physically working as soon as possible– even if some of the constraints are still being formed.

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