Week Two


The process this week – for me – is focused on forming questions for Matt. They are drafted below:

  • How can I play catch up? Considering this idea isn’t exactly what I focused on in the summer is there something specific I should be focused on to prepare myself for the end of the semester?

  • What kind of suggestions do you have for finding passion to develop this project. Feeling as though my original intention is a little lost.

  • I know that it’s ideal to make something that prioritizes quality over innovation, but I’m having trouble making that switch. I want this to be something new and exciting, conceptually.

In addition to my meeting with Matt I created a first draft of my user experience map and touchpoint matrix, pictured below. The next steps for me are translating this to a digital format and refining my intention with each touchpoint.


I also started drafting some identity sketches. I mainly focused on the wordmark as I really want to blow out the brand’s mission statement and voice prior to further realizing the identity. That is the next step for me!

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