Week Three


What did I do?

I spent a lot of time this week streamlining the user experience and what that means for design. I really defined my touchpoints this week which are, currently–

  • a 10 second instagram promo vide

  • website splash page

  • welcome to well swag bag

  • thank you package in the mail

  • physical / digital zine of current events

i also spent some time flushing out look and feel. I focused mostly on mood boards and image gathering, deriving potential color palettes as I went. Lastly, I explored typography. I created five sheets of type studies. Each one looks at a different sans serif and serif. I landed on Utopia Bold and Benton Sans Book for the moment.

What did I learn by doing this?

This was a great start visualizing my brand! I think I need a little more work on the front end in terms of information architecture– for example , defining what exactly goes into each touchpoint. However, as this is a branding project, I am really excited to jump into the identity side of things!

What am I doing next?

Really push the visual identity! Iterate as much as possible on look and feel and wordmark development. What is going to have enough versatility to stay exciting and cohesive across all of these mediums and applications?

Sketches and moodboards from this week –

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