Week Five


What did I do?

This week was in-class round robins. A lot of my early effort this week has been focused on preparing for the critic. I took the illustrative system and color palette I developed the week before and applied it to a welcome booklet– a medium that I felt would be the best way to see the brand visualized as a whole. This was a satisfying way to start exploring type, color, and form and how all these elements come together to form a cohesive and recognizable system

I also took some time refining my assets– revisiting my font choice and tints / shades of my palette– as well as refining the curves and shapes of my illustrative figures.

What did I learn by doing this?

In creating the first draft of this booklet I was able to really hash out my brand as a whole. What does it look like? What is the visual language? I simultaneously have been developing the wordmark and tagline, which is inevitably being informed by the book development. I got a lot of really relevant and helpful feedback in the round robin critic as well, the highlights which are outlined below.

  • add a landing page for the website

  • make sure you design a calander

  • there should be more structured oppertunity for gal pal love. how can you further enable connection?

  • maybe a contact page at the end for new friends numbers or name tags!

  • and uber code on coasters at rhos would be cool

  • watch your body type– lacking body diversity

  • be careful using the dark blue as a skin color- could be offensive??

  • create a profile with links to everyone’s social media– so you don’t have to develope ANOTHER full profile

  • empowerment in action is a better tagline than "social justice designed for women”

  • consider a monthly newsletter

  • combine the two books! two feels excessive

  • you’re type needs work, make sure you are typesetting and real watch outlining type (on a curve)

  • is the period a perfect circle? should it be?

  • love the period on well

  • the font has some crisp lines that are missing in your rounded figures

  • explore other, rounder serifs that could play well with your illustrations

  • how can you diversify the way you use your illustrations? monotone, abstract, scale, patternmaking?

  • make sure you develope the “invite a friend page” and a “sign up for an event” page on the website

  • hammer home that brand strategy! include some in the presentaiton of your project! it’s important and a ton of work. justify everything

  • (sad comments)– this feels fake, looks like a fashion app or thinx ad

  • don’t use the arched logo option

  • what is your brand story, tell us!

  • “volunteering is beautiful and so are you”


  • you need photography– focus on organizations in action if you don’t want photos of the women

What am I doing next?

Taking this feedback and applying it! My to-do list going into my week six meeting with Matt is below.

  • streamline, organiza and rename capstone files

  • finalize branding page– logo, color, type

  • finish out first draft of book (just one now, with two parts). print and staple to scale to get real look and feel.

  • refine illustrations, explore how I can play with them even more (scale, abstraction, pattern, ect)

  • add statistics in everything

  • replace “social justice designed for women” with “empowerment in action”

Next steps after Monday–

  • web presence! think through basic wire framing and develop one or two key pages

  • packets! decide what goes in them! matrix it out– have a how and why for each piece


Some print outs post critic –

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