Day trips in London are the move. Take note that this is coming form someone who has yet to go on an international trip from London, so I will be sure to revise this opinion post-overnight-trip. However, day trips have taken up a large percentage of my weekends here thus far. 

We've managed to see Stonehenge, Bath and Brighton, all of which were crazy beautiful experiences that inspired me to back up all my photos immediately. To celebrate all of this domestic travel I've put together a little do and don't guide. It is (unavoidably?) biased, and (also unavoidably?) centered around food. So let me know what you think! 




We somehow scored the perfect Stonehenge weather. Don't get me wrong, this does not mean South-of-France sun. This means shivering happily in an inappropriately thin shirt. The weather, like the entire day, was satisfyingly, magically British.

stonehenge do | forcefully ask people to take your picture. This is obviously a super obnoxious thing to do in almost any other circumstance but totally commonplace (and necessary) at stonehenge. You will also have to jostle? So prepare yourself.

stonehenge don't | wait for the shuttle! It is a 2 mile walk from the visitor center to the actual stonehenge, which is a great way of preserving it's nature-magic, but kind of rough when the shuttle is packed. The ride was pretty reminiscent of my work commute. So I suggest taking a stroll at least one way. 




After Stonehenge we headed to Bath to see the ancient Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, above. They were both, unsurprisingly, amazing. The history in this city is incredible. Not even the overpriced chai tea lattes or huge influx of tourists can make it less special. Promise. 

Bath do | Bring your own food. If you happen to be a broke student especially, this is a huge deal. Bath is far away enough from London you'll have plenty of bus time to eat and chill, but it is also touristy enough to make food pretty pricey. So bringing a slightly sad sandwich is actually totally worth it.  


The snails definitely put me over the edge on this particular day trip. They were literally everywhere. We spent most of our day (post-Roman-Baths) wandering the stunning residential neighborhoods and found not only consistent and unrelenting rain but an infestation of snails. See resulting excitement above. 

Bath don't | Touch the water at Roman Baths. Very cool but very poisonous. It still has the original lead lining. So don't be like us. We did not know this. The Roman Bath museum, however, has (free) purified water from the spring you can drink, so make sure you check it out!



You will not notice the lack of fish in this killer combo. Mushy peas, I have discovered, are absolutely reminiscent of baby food and also totally delicious. Who knows why. I'm not questioning it. The last few photos above feature me being activley burned by the sun. Who knew that could happen here?

Brighton do | Walk around the cultural district: aka the Brighton Dome. This structure is pictured above and features eastern inspired architecture that will completely transport you. Although it's not open to the public on the inside, stumbling on this gem in the middle of a beach town shopping district is surprising in the best way. Don't miss it. 


The Brighton Pier is a classic: it's basically the center of the tourist area. Naturally, the views are unbelievable, and there are about 18 places to buy different types of fried dough. We found, however, that walking along the railroad tracks to the marina is a lot calmer and just as beautiful. 

Brighton don't | Buy the tourist fish and chips! They are approximately 12 pounds on the actual pier and 4 pounds about a hundred yards down the beach (which you're going to want to walk down to anyways). Just don't go to far or you'll accidentally stumble across the "Naturalist Beach", which is surprising in the worst way. 


More to come next week! 

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