Doing Dover


This weekend four friends and I got ourselves to the White Cliffs of Dover. It was an early morning, an hour train ride and the best Sunday afternoon of my life. The Cliffs of Moher (Dover's famous bff) do not compare to this place. There are no entrance fees, security check, endless lines, or regulated walkways. You can walk the trails, dangle your feet over the edge, or sleep on the grass without anyone even looking your way. We know from experience. 

If you want to find out how to do Dover, keep reading!



Doing Dover Tip #1 | walk from the train station

This is free guys! It’s a few bucks to take a car into the park, but if you walk from he translation there is no charge. It’s about 40 minutes by foot to the entrance of the hiking area if you get a little lost. And there is a subway on the way, very important. I highly suggest grabbing one for picnicking opportunities. I didn’t do this and regret it immensely. 



Doing Dover Tip #2 | get off the beaten track

It is so easy to go full blown sheep at places like this and follow the prescribed path. But the cliffs are actually really safe and have all kinds of little footpaths with handrails running through them! There are a million different ways to go so don’t feel like you can’t wander. It’s also pretty impossible to get lost so don’t worry- if there was a way I would have found it.


Doing Dover Tip #3 | take a seat… but don’t wear black

Dangling my feet off the edge of the cliffs of Dover is possibly my most surreal memory. You’ve got to do it and I love that it's an accessible activity. The only thing is that my black jeans are now grey jeans— but you’re probably smart and already know not to wear black jeans to the white cliffs of Dover. It’s fine though, needed grey pants. 


Doing Dover Tip #4 | bring your own food, but splurge on the tea

There is no food. Well, there is no vegan food. And honestly, you’ll probably get so caught up in the hike that you won’t even mind…. for a while. At the turn around point, however, we were met with the most adorable tea room that was also inside a lighthouse. So if you’re feeling it sell out and get a tea tray. Its very British and they even even have finger sandwiches. 


Doing Dover Tip #5 | cameras are your friend but you’ll never be satisfied

Nothing will ever do this place justice. I literally felt like I was on the set of Lord of the Rings. The only way I could even attempt to capture that feeling was to turn in a complete circle with the panorama setting on my iphone... in about 50 locations. It was a slow walk. But seriously! Just soak. it. in. It's a four mile walk along the cliffs to the lighthouse and then another four back. So take a second to put the camera away and reenact the Sound of Music instead. 

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