48 Hours in Paris


So, I was lucky to spend this past weekend in the City of Lights. (The City of Love? The City of Croissants?) Paris, okay. I went to Paris. With eleven people. And it was life-changing. I can't even really begin to describe the multi-cultural magic that infused all forty-eight hours, but I can prove it with the raw, swollen pieces of carnage that were once my feet. Don't test drive brand new heeled sandals in Paris y'all. (Unless you're like, Malia Obama, and have people to carry you around everywhere.)

Below I've popped in some of my favorite photos from the trip. I would just like to recognize how difficult that statement was for me to write considering I took 933 photos between Friday and Sunday. So ta da!, here are the lucky winners. I kept it slightly chronological and have included a shock rating. See key below.

1-taco-shocked = amazing, but I have been equally excited about lasagna before.
10-tacos-shocked = I actually had to sit down and put my head between my knees in a sundress on the street



I realize that everyone knows this... but you have to go to the Louvre if you go to Paris. It's one of those things. It's like going to LA and not going to In n Out Burger. You're geographically obligated. But anyways, one of my favorite things about the whole experience was the chance to take ridiculous selfies with very important art....and have that be a normal thing. The art history nerd not-so-deep within me was freaking. the. heck. out. I know I don't even really need to spell this out, but rating wise? 10 tacos. The Louvre can have all my tacos forever and ever. That's how you know.



Repeat? I really feel like that should be a chant. But regardless, these stops were unbelievable. And I hate to even call them "stops"! You can spend an entire day eating raspberry sorbet on the lock bridge, walking through the courtyard of the Palais Royal or waiting in the blistering heat to see the interior of Notre Dame. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) we experienced this all in one totally surreal afternoon. 



This is Sacre-Coeur in Montmarte: the most beautiful and excruciating cathedral of all time. To get to it you have to walk up a thousand steps filled with singing Norwegian men. So not all bad? But still pretty brutal in the previously mentioned sandals. But seriously, totally worth it. This trip to the Northern part of Paris was also a huge highlight because the restaurant we ate dinner at just happened to be next door to the Moulin Rouge. We are a scary lucky bunch (knock on wood).

download (7).jpg


Our second and final day in the City of Blisters was deceivingly more relaxing than our first. We went to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for free. With an international student visa you get all kinds of perks, apparently? The view was almost amazing as the breeze. We also made it to the Eiffel tower while it was glittering. Heads up, you will be constantly be harassed to buy champagne from scary bodega men and will almost definitely give in.  

This weekend I witnessed so much art, architecture, history and food(!!) that I never thought I would see (eat). It sounds cliche, but watching the photos from your history book just pop up in front of you; real and giant and emitting a weird power that ancient things possess was a really unbelievable experience. I'm already trying to go back. 

PS I gave up on trying to rate everything because it's all a 10. Literally everything. I'm sorry.

Au Revoir? 

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