48 Hours in New York


Living in New York City for a significant chunk of time, I've found, really takes the pressure off when visiting. It allows for a weekend that is not filled with frantic trips to times square on a subway that smells like hot trash, but rather what is really important in life: friendship. Just kidding. Food. Food is the number one priority here. Below are some highlights as well as a few carefully chosen sunset shots. 


This is Brooklyn. I used to be down on Brooklyn because it is about 16 hours to midtown Manhattan (aka work), and although I love audio books I despise rush hour. My most recent trip, however, has convinced me other-wise. Not only is the food cheap enough that you can afford to both eat and pay rent, but you get killer, semi-industrialized views like this. Which you didn't have to pay 45 dollars for. (Looking @you Top of the Rock).



This is Penelope. A totally-worth-the-nine-dollar-granola brunch spot in Kips Bay. If you don't believe me in how good it is, please note that we made a 45 minute trip (that involved 2 subway transfers and a BUS) to this restaurant, ate, and immediately went home to nap. Also, if (when) you go here, please order the Nutella stuffed french toast with caramelized bananas. I know this is a picture of granola but just believe me. Side note: it is also acceptable to get their vegetarian(!!!) biscuits and gravy


Here is a picture of me staring picturesquely out a window at Wasabi Sushi in Green point. So majestic, eh? That's because it's actually Gianna Charron, who is not dumb like me and ordered Nutella stuffed french toast at Penelope earlier. She also agreed to get sushi approximately two hours post brunch. Be like Gianna. Anyways, Wasabi is important because their lunch special goes until 5pm. This means you get 3 rolls of sushi with salad AND soup for like, 11 bucks. It is absolutely a contributing factor to my recent Brooklyn conversion.  


Although I'm still slightly full, these past few days have been some of my New York favorites. And I have to say, it always feels a litttttttle wrong to leave. But especially when your beautiful friends have a loft-style-apartment that is just slightly reminiscent of New Girl. Thanks again guys.

Till next time! 

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