Tourist, traveler, or temp? These seems like an appropriate identity crisis for my current location (and occupation). As my first week in London has proven, I am solidly in the tourist niche... for now. I have come to realize (and fully embrace) that guided tours are now some of my favorite activities. It's fine. 

I've also discovered that it is almost cruel how many amazing food options are available in London. (And more importantly, veggie options!). And I am only able to combat this fact by walking 30,000+ steps a day (cough cough, guided tours). Living like a tourist is pretty amazing in that sense. Having a kitchen that consists of hotplate and microwave also helps justify poor eating decisions. Although it does make budgeting a litttttle tricky.... Anyways, I've included all of my favorite food spots from the past 7 days here. Don't scroll down if you're hungry.   


Jet lag is a thing. Luckily it was combated with an excess of orientation tours and very strong tea. Just to clarify, also: orientation means following someone around on the tube until you are totally, utterly, 100% lost. It is pretty much the best feeling.


It turns out I have deep love affair with sweet potatoes. These particular ones are from Detox Kitchen. All vegan and all amazing. Also pictured is a fancy eggplant that is not called eggplant here. I still don't know what they are called. I also had Nando's sweet potato wedges the first night, which were incredible. So incredible that I consumed instantly and also destroyed the roof of my mouth.


I know there is that horrible stereotype that vegans only eat salad. I know. And I am not trying to reinforce that....? But, honestly, these salads were killer. The first is a quinoa bowl (plate?) from The Draft House. I ate every bite and also went back yesterday. The second is from our very fancy and very paid-for welcome dinner at The Marquis Cornwallis. Thank you AIC!


Don't worry guys, there will be an ENTIRE POST dedicated to how incredible the outdoor markets are here, but I just need to preface. Please be prepared if you are ever planning on going to London. There are so. many. markets. And they all have cool little card shops and vintage stores and vegan brownies and cold pressed juice for like, 8 pounds. (Which honestly is not super indicative of the juice quality, but the packaging is quite cute). Check it out. 

Photos: Vivo (aka the best pizza ever consumed and cutest rooftop), Canopy Market (a five minute walk from my apartment and incredibly dangerous), and Neil's Yard

More to come! See the below gallery for very important pictures (i.e. Harry Potter related) that are also incredibly irrelevant.


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