5 reasons Cambridge is perfect


Guys, Cambridge is killing it in every way. Maybe it's that weird attraction I have to super elite things, but Cambridge really pulled my heartstrings. Keep reading to find out why Cambridge is kind of perfect. 


1. Kings College Cathedral. This was a major highlight for me. Not only does it have incredible history (built by Henry the 6th, Cromwell's men camping there in the 1600's, near-bombings in World War 2), but it has the largest fan vault in the world. It also happens to be open for a service every evening. The Kings College boy's choir is super legendary, and we were lucky enough to hear them at a Saturday mass. I now know what it is like to be actually surrounded by angels. 


2. Newton's tree and it's accompanying satisfying grass. This apple tree is a direct decedent of the one that dropped an apple on Issac Newton! Turns out it is pretty famous and holds magical powers. Also, this may seem strange, but the grass rules at Cambridge are hard core. You can only step foot on the famous grass if you are a tenured professor at the University, which of course made me want to immediately roll around on it. Although I resisted the urge, it's still very nice to look at and subtly feel with your hand. 


3. Trinity College. Trinity College is the richest college in the University of Cambridge and you can tell. The college's gorgeous Wren library houses all kinds of cool things you forgot existed but will get really excited about like  Newton’s Principia Mathematica (and a lock of his hair? um?), A.A. Milne's copy of Winnie the Pooh and the Capell collection of early Shakespeare editions. They also don't let you take pictures so I stole some off the internet. Just a disclaimer


3. A heartbreaking pub. The eagle is Cambridge's oldest pub and undercover military hub. In World War one and two this would often be last stop for American and British soldiers before they were deployed and you can see their unit numbers and girlfriend's names burned on the ceiling with lighters. Pretty tragic stuff. Even more tragic, I don't have any pictures, so here is one of our little group nursing our feet <3.


4. Punting! This is the coolest tradition guys. You can hire a man with a pole in a flat-bottomed boat to take you around the town for way too much money You'll see pretty much every college at Cambridge and simultaneously fee superior to everyone else! If you don't want to/can't spend money (us) I highly recommend testing the limits of your physical capacity for excessive exercise by walking along the canal instead. 


5. Lastly, legitimately cute telephone booths and market square. I know these are everywhere but the ones in London tend to be....a little scary? And double as a port-a-potty? So this sunny spot was a nice change. 


Conclusion: Cambridge is not only totally worth it, but kind of perfect.

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