48 Hours in Amsterdam


This weekend I walked a full marathon through beautiful city of Amsterdam. Didn't know that was possible in sandals and now I can buy one of those super braggy 26.2 bumper stickers! My dream. Seriously though, the laid back vibe of the Netherlands spoke to my heart almost as loudly as the pancakes. If you would like to see a full outline of my weekend/ super delicious vegan food / a plethora of The Fault in Our Stars references, keep reading. 


Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a huge reason I wanted to go to Amsterdam. We were able to score tickets a few weeks in advance (they sell out crazy fast in the summer), so the Anne Frank House was basically the first thing we did in Amsterdam. And get this. My beautiful friend Michelle's apartment (where we were staying) is 2 blocks from the Anne Frank House. I mapped it out the morning of and google was like "walk 250 feet to your left". The crying began here. 

You actually can't take pictures on the premises, which i was really happy about. It generated a level of respect and kept everyone off their phones. Speaking of, the vibe of the museum was unlike any atmosphere I've experienced. Total. Silence. I had goosebumps for a full hour and a half. If you go to Amsterdam, go to the Anne Frank House. 


Dam Square and Vondelpark


The only advice I can give you about Dam Square is please go in the middle of the night. Those super cute "I am Amsterdam" pictures are not for the faint of heart, okay? You're going to have to very obviously elbow a few fourteen year old girls if you want a shot, and it just didn't seem quite worth it. We did find a bunch of staircases covered in flowers, though.


The Best Brunch and Endless Sorbet

This was the best brunch guys. This place was recommended to us by a few vegan Amsterdam-ians(?) we met and turned out be right across the street from our place!! De Bolhoed definitely goes down as my favourite find in Amsterdam with it's crazy cute outdoor seating area, adorable resident cat and scary good salad dressing. The giant piece of bread in front of me also happened to be filled with spinach-tofu curry. Dreams. (PS I had gelato twice in 4 hours. As it should be.)


Floating Flower Markets and Amsterdam Palace

The Floating Flower Market in Amsterdam is crazy cute. However, as it wasn't tulip season there weren't very many...flowers? Lots of bulbs though! So if you happen to have a semi-permanent home you could definitely buy a dutch lemon tree or something as equally adorable and easy to kill. The Amsterdam Palace was also pretty cool, worth it to walk past. Think... a very Dutch Times square without the lights? They have lots of people trying to get you to pay them for blowing bubbles.


Falafel at sunset?

At this point in my travels I have discovered that my deep passions in life are actually pretty... generic... like in-every-European-city-generic. Nothing gets me going like falafels ad sunsets, guys. And this particular evening happened to include both simultaneously. My personal happy ending. Everybody go to Amsterdam! 


Here's hoping this city inspired you as much as it inspired me. I'm so sorry for all the pictures of fries.
(PS I have a new life motto. Thank you, Anne.)

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. -Anne Frank
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