The best ways to get outside in London this summer


Turns out I am returning to my roots this summer by once again living in the woods. With 8.4 million trees (one for every person) London can be categorised by the UN as a forest. The forest of London. Was this subconsciously was on purpose? Either way, in honour of this fact I put together my top 5 favourite ways to get outside in London this summer, so check it out below! (Don't worry they all involve food).


5. Feed the swans in Hyde park

Didn't mention food for who though, did I?? Just kidding, you can probably find something to eat in Hyde Park. Although we were too distracted with the swan infestation to notice. These guys are everywhere and super aggressive. It's incredibly magical, especially at sunset, but I would not suggest bringing your small dog or child. 


4. Walk along the canal to little Venice

Pro tip: after you stuff yourself silly at Camden Market you can take a two-mile stroll (waddle) along the canal to little Venice. It's a straight shot so you can't really get lost and it is super fun to check out all the houseboats! Plus, a lot of them have mini-gardens on their roofs or docks, so there are lots of photo ops. I'm clearly overwhelmed by this. 


3. Celebrity spot at Kensington gardens

Not that I don't love a good garden, but the reason I spent an afternoon at the Kennsington palace is definitely because I was attempting to fulfil my lifelong dream of becoming Kate's lady in waiting. (Is that still a thing?) Although I had to leave that particular life goal for another day, I did make a new best friend! (who also just happens to be my life coach and favourite human, Amy Schumer). I discretely followed her through the park until she agreed to a picture. See? Best friends. But seriously: GO TO KENNSIGTON GARDENS. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.


2. Take a sky yoga class on top of the Walkie Talkie

Disclaimer: this is not technically outside but as close as you can get to the actual heavens, so I am counting it. On the very top floor of the Walkie Talkie (a super cool, slightly deformed skyscraper) is a greenhouse sort of room called the Sky Garden where you can take yoga classes at 6am for 10£. Doesn't sound like your ideal morning? They have a breakfast buffet after. (Pro tip: it's another 10 pounds but you can also just buy a banana for .50p and pretend you are part of the elite buffet-eaters, which is what I did). 


1. Watch a movie while cruising on the Thames

This is the ultimate summer activity. (Shout out to @Taylor Priebe for making my boat/movie dreams come true.) Time Out magazine and City Cruises partnered up to create this brand new rooftop river experience. Upon arrival you receive a blanket and a pair of headphones, silent-disco style. Then boat takes a leisurely spin along the river so you can enjoy the sunset before it parks(?) next to the eye for the movie viewing (ours was Ghost Busters!). You have to do this if you are in London this summer. So far, it's my favourite way to see the city. 


I hope these inspired you to get outside. I love living in the woods :)

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