48 Hours in Ibiza


Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend 48 hours on the infamous island of Ibiza. We packed our time with naps on the beach, hikes on the cliffs, and tapas in the cultural district. Even after experiencing the island-vibe first hand, Ibiza is a hard place to pin down. For example, our flight from London was about half intoxicated 18 year-olds in jorts and half heavily sun-screened British families with packed sandwiches. I personally spent the 2-hour ride over the Mediterranean eating two out of the four PB&Js in my backpack and eavesdropping.



As a frequent flyer at Air BnB, I thought I knew what to expect. But this place, while pretty typical in terms of accommodation, was a shared apartment, which means your hosts lives in the same space as you. While this sounds weird, it was actually so perfect. Our hostesses gave us so many amazing suggestions on where (and how?) to beach, eat, shop and dance. Their adorable apartment is linked below if you ever find yourself in Ibiza. 



If you're in Ibiza and you're an affluent British family with, like, eight children, you'll probably rent a car. If you're a celebrity/ Instagram model/ trust fund child you'll probably take a cab. If you're an international student/ intern abroad/ balling on a budget, you are on the bus my friend. The bus system in Ibiza is super slow but super cheap and will get you literally all over the island. My personal choice of travel.



The first place suggested to us was an incredible beach on the southern tip of the island called Salinas. We waited half an hour for the bus (island time?), and quickly found ourselves in one of those pre-uploaded MacBook backgrounds. When you first get to Salinas, it's kind of overwhelming. There are lots of shiny men trying to sell you mojitos, bracelets and cups of fruit (which you'll scoff at for the first two hours then come very close to buying), as well as a ton of extraordinarily tan people. To avoid the crowds and feeling like an actual marshmallow, we made our way about a mile down the beach to a more secluded section. This is where it gets really magical. The cliffs and beaches in the westernmost part of Salinas are steep, swim-able and practically deserted. I'm still having trouble believing this wasn't just a sun-induced dream.



We hopped off the bus in Evissa and went straight to a tapas place for dinner that was, you guessed it, recommended by our host. Can Terra is indoor/ outdoor, filled with palm trees, and serve-yourself. Basically everything I've ever wanted in a restaurant. I was blessed with an apple avocado salad and unlimited bread. (Unlimited bread, guys). 



The highlight of his magical journey for me was, of course, Cala Salada. We took not one, but two busses to get to this perfect, private cove. I would have taken ten. On arrival we discovered a sparsely populated beach sandwiched between quiet, rolling mountains and a port of bright white sailboats. Honestly, I think I'll the pictures do the talking on this one. Just know that I am actively trying to befriend someone who lives in this pink house. 



Dalt Vila means "upper town" and is the highest point in Ibiza town, which is where our beautiful Air BnB was. The history of Dalt Vila is actually unbelievable. We entered the structure via Portal Nou (which you can find behind Plaza del Parque) and is much more gradual than the main entrance (thank goodness). The walk up is filled with Gothic Catalan buildings, white washed homes and private chapels. If you're interested in the archaeological history of Ibiza/ Dalt Vila (which you should be, it's crazy cool), check out this explanation. Your mind will be blown. 


If you're travelling to Ibiza anytime soon (which, again, you should be), I hope this 48 hour guide helps you out. If you're vegan, I have even more tips, so send me an email! 



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