All about Amalfi


Between swimming at sunset off the coast of Sorrento, hotel breakfast buffets and a private tour of Pompeii, I have to say my Amalfi experience officially exceeds expectations. While my classes might be (thankfully) pass / fail, a trip like this requires a little more in-depth assessment. Keep reading for all things Amalfi!



The Amalfi Coast is- believe it or not- more than Rhianna’s post-tour getaway spot or one of the most desired snapchat geofilters. It is the Southwest region of of the Italian coast known for it’s pizza, instagramable overlooks, white sand beaches and fresh limoncello- need we say anything else, really? I was lucky enough to spend one day and night in the small town of Sorrento- or as it is sometimes known The Gateway to the Amalfi Coast. A port-town facing the Bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula, you can’t avoid the view of Mt. Vesuvius if you tried. Perched on tall,  Rapunzel-level cliffs, the town’s cafe-lined square is separated from the busy port by a few set of cobblestones stairs that should really come with one of those hot-tub warnings. “Cardiac Arrest Imminent”. If you do survive the trek, however, you’ll be greeted with sweeping views of Naples, black volcanic beaches, swimmable sections of marina and the best. pizza. crust. ever

We bussed into Sorrento by mid-afternoon and started off our 24 hour stint with an ankle-twisting walking tour through the narrow streets. Already nearly borderline hypothermic in our thin rompers and strappy sandals, my adventurous little girl-group decided swimming was a necessity. What better way to celebrate the first day of fall, right? With questionable assembled bathing suits and a few borrowed hotel hand towels, we set out at sunset. The water was simultaneously crystal clear and glowing orange; so salty you didn’t have to hold your breath and empty as the skyline. If my fingernails weren’t blue I would have believed we were floating in freshly blown glass. It was magic.



We woke up with the sun, windburned and warm in The Ascot, an adorably yellow 4-star hotel with a classy name, shockingly large pool and the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever experienced. Thanks again Accademia Italiana! Everyone fought sleep and a healthy dose of terror as our massive tour bus dodged Vespas on it’s way to Pompeii, skirting the tiny, twisting and extraordinary steep Amalfi highways at 40mph.

Safely there, we were greeted by a brilliantly bald tour guide with a dapper German accent and the crispest white shirt I’ve ever laid eyes on. Firing facts at machine-gun speed, we followed him through Pompeii for three hours. We witnessed the world’s first brick pizza oven(!!), an ancient brothel and a surprising amount petrified pets. The whole thing made me feel like I had jumped into my middle school Latin textbook in the best way. It was one of the most incredible and informative tours I’ve been on and when we went to lunch I had never been so happy to sit down. If you do Pompeii, do a tour.


After sink-showering all the ancient dust off my body in a bus-stop bathroom and putting my coziest (okay only) sweatpants, I got to enjoy a 7-hour bus ride home to Florence with 26 of my closest friends. I know that sounds sarcastic, but I kind of cherish road trips. They're the perfect excuse to eat vegan croissants and read romance novels. Although short, my weekend at the Amalfi Coast has been one of my favorites thus far. And I didn’t even have any limoncello! As usual, Amalfi, I’ll be back. 

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