Restaurant Review: VX


There are a lot of vegan gems hidden across London, it's true. But VX in Kings Cross takes the cake, literally. It is London's ORIGINAL vegan cafe specialising in vegan junk food (it's on their sign) and can still brag an exclusive status as London's only vegan boutique (they sell funky, ethically made t-shirts and unicorn totes alongside aggressively organic coffee). VX is also within crawling distance from my apartment. Needless to say, I'm what you would call a frequent flyer there. As I've had the extraordinary opportunity to taste literally everything on their menu over the course of a few weeks, I think it's only fair to rate what I ate. If you are ever in Kings Cross you must come here (or at least tell me you did. For goodness sakes). 


Up first: Dessert


Can we just talk about how beautiful this cupcake is? They make a pretty finite amount of these and there are new flavors every day, so I was incredibly luck to score this chocolate-hazelnut cupcake masterpiece. The frosting was so thick it was like eating a stick of butter. In the best way? And the cake was totally worth it. (With naked cupcakes it can go either way, let's be honest). 


This might just be my favourite thing VX offers. I've never had a vegan brownie this good. It's dark chocolate salted caramel and will bring tears to your eyes. Eating the entire thing will make you feel very ill, but please do it anyways.  


This peanut butter cup donut was insanity. They keep their bakery items in a chilled case, so all of VX's donuts have an extra thick, almost ice-cream-like texture. This one is my favourite so far, as it tastes exactly like a recess cup that was fished out of a wedding cake. Mmm.  


Next: Real Food?


Voila; here is the cutest cup of white cheddar mac and cheese you’ll ever see. I even think there’s dill on top? To be honest I was really focused on the mid-to-bottom part of this situation, as that’s where all the cheese hangs out. Conclusion; it’s as delicious as it looks.  


This Weekend Special Burger goes down as my first official experience at VX and it. Is. Everything. In fact, this seriously cheap, massively filling burger has become a bit of a weekend ritual for me. VX marinates this barbeque tofu overnight and stuffs it in a soft, homemade pretzel bun along with their traditional burger patty, vegan cheddar and secret sauce. Plus some veggies, because health.


To be fair, I did not order these nachos. I did, however, do that horrible thing where I asked for a bite and then took the cheesiest chip. I know, I know. @Caitlyn I am sorry. Regardless, these are nachos are crispy and creamy and all around killer. Do it.


The meatball sub at VX is kind of scary. In a are-you-sure-this-isn’t-meat kind of way. As someone who low-key loves the taste of meat (sorry?), this smothered-in-sauce meatball sub is kind of my ideal meal.

Anyhow, I hope this inspired you to go visit VX. It gave all of my obsessive food-pictures a purpose, so I'm happy. PS you can find VX's website here, as well as their Facebook and Instagram

You can find them at 73 Caledonian Road, London, England, N19BT, right behind King's Cross Station. Their hours are 10am-6.30pm every day, yay! Or, you can give them a call at 020 7833 2315. Happy eating! 

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