The Best Mother-Daughter Activities in London


Let's just have a little disclaimer here, you really can't go wrong if it's a) the weekend b) you're in London c) your mom is there. If you are blessed enough to potentially experience a mother-daughter weekend (anywhere, ever), count your lucky stars and relish eating Oreos in a hotel room bed together. That said, if you feel like exploring the city without having to soak your feet in ice water after, consider some of these activites. 


1. Brunch, naturally

We found brunch heaven on Friday morning at Appestat. Nestled in the back streets of Angel (a very appropriately named neighbourhood sporting a multitude of little white houses, cobblestone streets and B-list celebrities), this breakfast gem was packed with sunny wooden tables and well-dressed freelancers drinking juice. I accidentally-on-purpose ordered one of those "to share" plates and ate the entire thing. It's all about setting goals, really. 


2. Hit the Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's original Globe Theatre was built in 1599 but burned down shortly after. The modern reconstruction is built in the 15th century style on the same location, which happens to be a quick walk across the Thames from my office. The best thing about the Globe, though, is that half an hour before every show they re-sell a handful of tickets, even if the show is totally sold out (which it always is). This is how we spontaneously scored super cheap front row tickets to Much Ado About Nothing. Highlight of the weekend. If you're ever hankering for last minute globe tickets and are a pretty flexible human, this is the way to do it. 


3. Hit some touristy stuff

Tower Bridge, Kensington Gardens, Big Ben; these must-see tourist hubs can be borderline painful, it's true. The trick is to go at the right time. We found that Friday mornings and Sunday afternoons are the best. And honestly, the official £25 tours offered at these places will just make you resentful. If you're dying for someone in a polo shirt to tell you about old buildings, hit up some of the free walking tours in London here. Strawberry Tours is my favourite service, they're all over Europe and even have a free Harry Potter Walking Tour.


4. Brunch. again?

This wasn't just normal brunch, okay? Deliciously Ella, one of my favourite food bloggers and general life-guru, just opened her third restaurant in London, so we naturally had to go. (We chose the super adorable flagship cafe on Seymour Place, which you can find here). I was not very cool and took pictures of all the deserts and the sign, repeatedly, while grinning. Luckily, the place was filled with girls wearing cool earnings and doing the exact same thing. Pretty much everything is vegan, so I had chia pudding with fruit compote and a red velvet cupcake, because breakfast. My mom tried the cinnamon cashew milk, which is sweetened with dates and basically crack, plus oats, of course. Conclusion: Deliciously Ella fulfilled all my brunch dreams. Please go!


5. Do some "yoga"

Yoga is one of my favourite things, so mother-daughter yoga in the sky garden with a buffet after sounds like actual heaven, right? Turns out the only thing that could make it better is the yoga teacher not showing up. This means we got to hang out in leggings and drink free coffee without doing any exercise. All. Morning. And they gave us a free voucher! @SkyYoga, marry me please. 


6. Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is obligatory in London. Be careful though, because all of the official you-have-to-make-reservations-and-wear-a-dress places feed off of mother-daughter duos looking to fulfil their British checklist and charge about 40£ a head. I suggest randomly wandering into a 5 star hotel and ordering a pot for 8£. You'll save a hundred bucks and the view is the same. And you can wear a dress if you want. (We personally hit up the Marriott County Hall Hotel. There were great opportunities for mirror selfies and lots of yellow couches. Love.)


7. Go to a Service at Westminster Abbey

This is obviously a little less secular than our other activities, but normally entry to Westminster is 20£. When you go for a Sunday night service, however, it's free. (As all churches should be, in my opinion. Even if Will and Kate did get married there). Plus, they keep it mercifully short at 30 min. Totally worth it. 


So here you have my favourite weekend yet. Big thanks to all of the random people who took our picture. Now I can't stand by when I see people struggling to selfie. Making the world a better place one step at a time guys.

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