Six Things Inspiring Me Right Now


This post is a little different than my usual explosion of sunset pics, but I've found myself absorbing a lot of inspiring stuff lately and really want to share the love. These six women specifically are making really positive waves in my world right now. Check them out!


1. The Viet Vegan. Especially her discussion on Veganism and Privilege.


Lisa from the Viet Vegan, in addition to being an all around amazing human and wonderful chef, has a lot to say about privilege. And veganism. If you're interested in hearing a bit about both and also want some killer vegan recipies to impress and trick your loved ones, check out her YouTube channel and/or blog. Both linked below. 

I also have to freak out for a brief moment. Due to some pretty heavy internet stalking I discovered that Lisa was in London for a few days and holding a mini-meetup at Coach and Horses, a traditional English pub with a vegan twist. (I'm talking about Tofish and Chips here, which is not nearly as scary as it sounds). Anyhow, Lisa and her partner Eddie spent a solid two hours hanging out with Bekah (from Bites By Bekah) and I, answering all of our questions about life, veganism and what it's like to find success through social media. I literally skipped home. 

Find Lisa on Youtube, Instagram, or chilling on her Blog


2. Lily Collins in Netflix's To the Bone


This one is a touch controversial. If you don't know, To the Bone is a movie that follows 20-year old Ellen (aka Lily Collins) through various inpatient treatment facilities as she battles severe anorexia. I dedicated to watch this much-anticipated film on a rainy Monday night last week and emerged only slightly tearful. Better than expected! I personally felt extremely connected to the film because of the intense integrity of it's creators. Lily Collins has kind of been my girl since The Blind Side and listening to her speak about her role in To The Bone has only solidified my girl crush.

When asked about the sensitive nature of the movie, especially after Netflix's addicting and triggering new show about suicide, Thirteen Reason's Why, Lily responded with total class, saying "A lot of young people have come out to share their stories, and really appreciate the fact that the film shows an array of people's struggles and that everyone's recovery is different, and that recovery is possible. I am so proud and privileged to be a part of this conversation". Heck yes. You're killing it, Lily.

Read the whole article here


3. Gerda Weissmann Klein's memoir, All but My Life


This book is incredibly brutal. Gerda Wissmann Klein, 93 year old author, human rights activist, and Holocaust survivor will make you immensely grateful. For everything. Dear tiny shoe-box of a dorm room, sweaty work commute and overpriced laundry facilities, I love you.

Goodread's describes Gerda's experience during World War II as the slow, inexorable stripping away of "all but her life." I take issue with that. This incredible woman kept her compassion under 6 years of Nazi oppression, which is more than so many of us have been able to achieve here at home. In 2010 President Barack Obama presented Gerda with a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Klein was also selected to be the keynote speaker at the United Nations' first annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January 2006, among many other awards. 

Oh, and she won an Oscar. Listen to her acceptance speech here. 


4. Earth to Us, a killer new podcast by Evan Oliver and Hannah McNeely


I discovered Hannah McNeely via my obsession with her sister, Ellen Fischer, on YouTube. Are we sensing a pattern here? Oh well. Hannah is refreshingly real vegan, writer, teacher, and yogi whose YouTube videos make me simultaneously chuckle and question my own existence. Her daily practice of morning pages is something I've been doing since high school, so we're basically soul sisters. 

Anyhow, a few months go, Hannah, along with bff Evan Oliver (amateur chef, social media consultant, book lover) started Earth to Us: a podcast dedicated to the art of paying attention. Earth to Us is marketed as an educational platform, but I found that it's really just two super passionate people trying to make the wold a better place through genuine conversation. Listening to it will motivate you to live a more creative and compassionate life without feeling guilty. Such a biggie with stuff like this.

Listen and be inspired here

Oh also, if you happen to live in near Orange County California, you lucky duck, you should check out Spontanea, a collaborative series of vegan pop up dinners by Hannah McNeely, Evan Oliver and Briana Maxson. Find out more information click here and also please take me with you. 


5. Caitlin Shoemaker and her real relationship with social media


Another YouTube gal, Caitlin from From My Bowl creates amazing and easy vegan recipies as well as equally beautiful vlogs and videos. Caitlin also has a kind of brutally honest relationship with social media. It is so easy to hind behind pictures of perfectly swirled smoothie bowls (and with almost 200 thousand followers on Instagram, Caitlin should know), but instead, she gets super real about her (occasionally controversial?) life choices, diet details and personal yoga practice. Applause. 

I had a full blown crying sesh at her recent video "I dropped out of school, here's why". If you're feeling emotional and want some real talk, take a gander here


6. Angelica Malin on Being the Best Version of You


Founder and Editor-in-Chief of About Time magazine, Angelica is a 26 year old entrepreneur with a passion for nut butter, yoga & coconut milk lattes. I'm deciding whether I can use that same phrase to describe myself but don't think I'm quite there. Her magazine, About Time, has not only become my weekend bible while in London, but is also one of London’s top lifestyle websites. They brag 90 writers in 30 countries worldwide and a global audience of over 75,000. 

Recently, Angelica has been writing slightly more personal pieces than 5 Cocktails you Need to Drink in London this Weekend (quite a good read, though). Her most recent Editor's Letter, Being the Best Version of You, is hilariously honest and urges each of us to "honour your relationship with yourself”. Wise words. Other favourites include Why I am More Than a Summer Body and 10 Women Who Inspire Me o Social Media Every Day


I hope these ladies inspire you too. Keep doing you. Cheers!

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